Monday, October 3, 2011

Examples of great family photo shoot outfits!

I'd like to take a moment to show off two recent photos shoots with families that planned their outfits out with perfection!

When I advise clients of what to wear, I tell them:

  • simple is best
  • no clothing with writing
  • use 3 colors, not just 2
  • stripes and plaids are great
  • crazy busy bold patterns are not
  • accessories (hair, jewelry, shoes) are JUST as important as the clothes

The Morgan family chose a color scheme of brown,denim and tan/white.  FANTASTIC. Especially for Fall! See how the their daughter has a fancy little brown hairband that matches the mom's brown shirt? SMART.

And I particularly love how the parents are wearing browns and the children are wearing blues. Great work Ashley! This is a excellent example of a great outfits for a photo shoot!

The Sherrer family showed off another great example of ideal photo shoot wear. Their color scheme revolved around red white and blue (see? Three colors always wins!).

Again, the parents went with blue and white, and the children are sporting blue, white AND red! Fantastic. Love the tie in.

And it just so happens that I had recently purchased a little red chair for my prop collection and it worked perfectly for the kids!

I encourage all of my clients to talk to me about their outfit options. I'm happy to come over and look thru your closet with you, or you can email me photos of your choices!